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7 Benefits of Grief Counseling

Written by: Carol Dawidowicz, LMFT

Though we may wish it were different, death and loss are a part of life. At some point in our lives we will lose someone we care about. When this person is a close loved one our grief emotions may be overwhelming. 

When experiencing the deep pain of loss it can be difficult to express what you are going through. It can feel isolating and all consuming. It can leave you feeling disoriented and lost. One client related her grief to being dropped into a stormy sea. She needed a life raft to help her. She found grief counseling at Positive Change Counseling to be this support.

What is grief counseling?

Grief counseling is a type of psychotherapy focused on helping a bereaved person process their thoughts and emotions and find ways of coping with their experience. Though grief is a natural process, there is no correct way to grieve and it takes longer for some to adjust to life and normal functioning. A grief counselor can teach about the common “stages” of grief while also providing a safe and supportive space to talk.

Here are some of the benefits of grief counseling that clients have reported:

  1. It can help you understand that grief is a process commonly with five nonlinear stages.

  2. It can help you feel less isolated when you have a safe and unbiased place to talk about feelings.

  3. It can help you learn how to express to others what you are feeling, what you need and what is not helpful. 

  4. It can help you grow to become more self-aware, self-compassionate and to have a better understanding of your experience. 

  5. It can help you learn to trust your grief process and regain a sense of control.

  6. It can help you to accept your new reality and find special ways to honor your loved one.

  7. It can help you reflect on the “big picture” of your journey with your loved one. This may involve reflecting on the good memories and finding bits of gratitude.

Helen Keller once wrote “We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering.”

At Positive Change Counseling Center counselors are available to help support clients through the grief process. If you are struggling or feeling alone with your grief or know someone who is, please contact one of our client care coordinators to find out more about our services. We wish you the best along your healing journey.

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